Terra Cotta Tower

Okay, so the link on Pinterest isn’t working, so I can’t post the original link here! Ugh. But anyways…the general idea was to stack terra cotta pots on top of each other, using rebar to hold them in place! Super cute. I had to run right out and get my supplies, because I was dying to add this to my front yard!

Okay, so here’s what you need:

a hammer

3 ft of rebar ($1.50 at Home Depot)

4 terra cotta pots (I used plastic pots, they were much lighter and came in cute colors!) ($5.00 total at Walmart)

potting soil ($3.00 at Walmart)

flowers ($2.00 at Walmart)




First things first – I needed to make some holes in the bottom of the pots (because unlike terra cotta pots, these didn’t have any). This was the hardest part of the whole project! First I went digging through the garage and found my hubby’s drill. I made a hole in the bottom of each pot, but they weren’t nearly large enough. I sat there looking at those dang holes trying to figure out how I could make them bigger (this is where it would have been nice to have my hubby home!). Eventually I decided that a finger nail file would be perfect to try and file the hole bigger. After some more digging I found this thing that had a handle like a screwdriver but had this big metal file thingy attached to it. Perfect! It worked wonders. I made a hole like this on the bottom of each pot…




Next I used the hammer to pound the rebar into the ground, about 8 inches…but you could do more, it would make it extra sturdy. Then I put each pot on the bar, leaving a little space between each one. If you are using terra cotta pots, you need to have each pot resting on the one below it, because it’s too heavy. But since I was using these light-weight plastic pots, they stayed up really well. I filled each pot with some soil, then planted a couple of flowers in each one. Super easy.




I’m pretty pleased with the final product! Adds a pop of color to my yard, and for only $12.





AND, my radishes have sprouted! Yippee!



Enjoy! 🙂


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